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Throughout the world, members of Cafh meet regularly in small groups to study, meditate, and share ideas about inner work, always with the intention to learn, to expand our consciousness and to improve the quality of our lives and the communities in which we live.

We seek our inner freedom, conscious participation with humanity and union with the divine.

Through a method of life that includes meditation exercises, courses of study and techniques of dialogue, we strive to know ourselves better, to expand our capacity to love and respond effectively to all of life’s situations.

We value highly the opportunities our meetings bring to us for sharing our experiences and exploring together the fundamental questions of life.

Above all, we value our method of life because it is individual and adaptable to men and women whatever their background, occupation, religion or beliefs.

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Our Principles
All human beings have the right to think and feel and make decisions about their lives without the intervention of others. This right to freedom is basic to our potential for inner unfolding and gives us countless possibilities.
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Our Teachings
In our weekly meetings, we participate in the study of courses of teachings, which range from subjects such as the great religions, philosophy, history and method of life.
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Our Daily Practice
Setting aside some time every day for reading and meditation helps us find peace and clarity in our lives. Weekly meetings give us the chance to experiment with new ideas that we can apply productively in our daily lives.
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