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Thoughts for Sharing
Thoughts For Sharing
What do we mean by “spiritual unfolding”?
What do we mean when we say “working on myself”?
The human being and the purpose of life
How do we view society?
What role does the individual play in his or her own unfolding and the unfolding of society?
Do we consider Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna or Buddha to be prophets or masters?

What do we mean by “spiritual unfolding”?

We understand spiritual unfolding as the process of the expansion of our consciousness.

This process leads to such positive outcomes as an increasing understanding of ourselves and our relationships with life, the world and the divine.

Through spiritual unfolding we learn to live in harmony with ourselves, our families and friends and the people with whom we work.

Through spiritual unfolding we learn to use the experiences of our lives - whether they be happy or sorrowful - to love more, to understand better and to relate well with those around us.

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