Messages from the Spiritual Director of Cafh

Every year the members of Cafh receive an Annual Mission. For 2019 the Director of Cafh has invited us, as in previous years, to deepen into the Mysticism of the Heart, which transcends the limits of a personal life to promote expansive love.

This allows us to do a concrete job for the good of all people in a daily basis, as an effective and direct way to collaborate with harmony and peace in the world.

Annual Mission 2019

The Grand Master Knight of Cafh invites us this year to make arise from our heart, crucible of all human feelings, the singular flame of pure love that expands permanently until it encompasses the universe, fulfilling the following mission:

“Every day upon waking up, let us think of something that we want to improve in ourselves for the good of all souls. Let us use our capacity for transmutation to effect a real change from what we were to what we want to be.”

Click here for video with the Annual Missions since 2014 to 2019.

Full Moon Assembly

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