I am in the present and I take what life is for me now. I live this instant, with what it brings, and I let it go. I am here right now. This is what I have now. And I let go.

Renouncement is in the present moment. I focus my consciousness in the present. I stop the movement that carries me backwards, to the past— remembering, ruminating, regretting, missing, resenting. I stop the movement that carries me forward, to the future—dreaming, projecting, desiring, speculating.

In this renouncing, an emptiness is created within me. This is the border I must cross. What is there when there is no past or future? I stop for an instant in my heart. What do I find? Unfathomable silence. Infinity. The unknown. There is no differentiation. Only Presence.

It is not easy to be there; sometimes it is possible for only a few seconds, a few minutes, perhaps. That is liberation. Sometimes freedom frightens me, causes vertigo. It places power and responsibility in my hands.

What is my world like? I live in the world that I am creating.

Do I choose to remain in the safety which comes from my thinking that I have no power to change anything? Or do I choose to dare to activate my potential for being an integral, full human being with the capacity to create good around me? I choose hope.

I need a life of ascetic and mystical practice to reach this interior point. I need to continue to know myself, simplify myself, silence the inner noise so that I can enter this sanctuary.

What am I?

I am a Human Being. I am the human who is born, who lives, who dies. A human who suffers, who is alone, who is confused, who gives up. I am the human who experiences joy, who dreams, who struggles, who has hopes. Everything is within me, and I embrace it.

I can see beyond my garments, my conditioning. I can see beyond the pairs of opposites that everything is becoming, that everything flows in the continuous stream of Consciousness, like rays of different colors which form part of a single light.

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Annual Mission 2023

Let us look for at least one moment each day to leave behind the barrage of information which reaches us from our surroundings, to take a step back and withdraw into our inner Stability Radius.

In that inner space, in silence, centered in the present moment, let us remember our mission of expanding consciousness.

Let us trust in ourselves and our capacity to create an energy of well-being and love.

When we once again connect with the outside world, let us materialize that consciousness in some concrete act to offer that love and attention to someone around us or someone who needs it.

Let́s be propagators of trust in the best in human beings.

Ana Cristina Flor


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