Full Moon Message 2009

Let us love life!

Let us love life as it expresses itself through each one of us!

Let us love each expression of life as a potential to unfold!

Let us express our love of life by unfolding egoence!

Our objective is clear: to harmonize our unique, unrepeatable individuality with our destiny of Divine Union, that is, to attain egoence. In order to generate this egoent individuality we need to focus our efforts on delving deeper into what moves our thoughts and feelings; on developing the awareness which will inspire us to become inclusive, compassionate, participative; on unfolding fully our potential as individuals; on persevering until the end with the resilience of one who rises from each experience, strengthened by what one has learned; on fixing our sight on the Divine Mother and walking towards Her.

When we understand that we are the makers of our destiny as individuals and as humankind, it becomes clear that it is important that we ask ourselves why we think the way we think and why we feel the way we feel. By deepening into these questions we discover that somewhere behind our thoughts and feelings, there is a spring which activates our responses. This spring is the intention which moves us and it is what we need to know, take care of and cultivate. In the last few years we have seen much emphasis placed on becoming aware of how we nourish our body.

Yet we seldom look at how we nourish our thoughts and feelings. Let us deepen into this task, fo the nature of the fruit which our lives will be able to offer, will depend upon this nourishment. If we leave behind the fear of knowing ourselves as we really are and acknowledge the true intentions which move us, we will be able to overcome our limitations and selfishness in order to choose the intention which fosters our unfolding, for our own good and the good of all souls. As we walk towards an egoent individuality, our consciousness expands and changes our way of relating to life. What is it that leads us from a self-centered life towards a life devoted to developing our capability of being inclusive, compassionate and participative? Only a change in the objectives of our life produces this transformation which, in turn, changes the relationship we have with all that exists. That is why it is so important that we clarify for ourselves what we really want to make of our lives. If we choose to develop inclusion, compassion and participation, these principles will determine the choices we make. And even when our will may be weak and we lack the energy to choose according to our yearnings, those principles will make us aware of the fact that we are straying from our goal, and this will give us the opportunity of redesigning our path.

The innumerable possibilities that lie within each human being become evident as we, consciously, with commitment and transcending our personal sphere, fully develop our potential as individuals. We attain inner freedom, since we are no longer paralyzed by the fear of losing what we believe we are, have or might gain. We discover that only by letting go of who we think we are, we find out who we really are. We come to understand that we do not really own material goods; we can use them and enjoy them, but we can never possess them. The one good which is permanent and gives value to our lives is spiritual unfolding. As we expand our consciousness we go beyond personal limits, thus encompassing fields which are more and more inclusive until we are able to embrace what we do not yet know or could scarcely perceive intuitively.

The development of an egoent individuality does not require that we add anything to what we already are. It just consists in becoming a nothingness in order to reflect the divine. From our early childhood we learn that we must express our own will by demonstrating how we are different from others. When we choose to unfold spiritually, however, we seek to express our will by identifying with the object of our love: the Divine Mother. Our individuality is real, although we are not able to express all the potential held within us in a spontaneous manner, without an effort directed toward that end. We neither know our reality nor reality itself; we perceive them only through our own filters and the filters established by the society we live in. Our mind, through images, concepts, fears, interpretations, veils us from seeing reality as it is. Becoming aware of this fact is our first step. It is here that the task of self discovery begins. We attain individual egoence through a conscious work on the essence of who we are.

When we begin this road toward the attainment of an egoent individuality we know that it is not the work of one day or for a certain time only. It is a life-long task. To persevere until the end in this objective, with the resilience of one who rises from each experience strengthened by what he has learned, is the way in which we visualize the “progress of the soul” toward union with the Divine Mother. This is our mysticism, our attitude toward life, our commitment. When the yearning for union with the Divine Mother remains present in our lives, we remain inwardly serene, with our mind and heart centered on our spiritual mission. Permanence within the realm of a transcendent idea permeates the intention which provides direction and meaning to our lives.

This spiritual centeredness thus becomes inner stability. The more our exterior activity relies on this inner stability, the greater will be the transcendence of the work we do. Quieting the mind, calming the flow of thoughts and feelings gradually clarifies the perception we have of ourselves and at the same time widens the scope of our concern. Whenever, through daily practice, spiritual centeredness emerges spontaneously, all searching ceases. We find our place, our mission, that which gives meaning to our life, and the only thing left is to fulfill it. Immersed in this longing of union with the Divine Mother, the state of prayer is no longer a mere dream: it becomes the way in which we relate to all that exists. We become creators of environments which are favorable for spiritual unfolding, by permeating and charging each place in which we find ourselves with our personal magnetism, with the strength of our positive thoughts and feelings.

Let us express our egoent individuality through our trustworthiness, consistency, serenity and joy of living. We become a trustworthy human being through the personal and social responsibility with which we act. Consistency gives continuity to responsibility; it is the evidence that we live up to our principles. Our serenity is based upon our deep love and trust in the divine, and our joy is born in the plenitude of our self-offering.

Let us show our appreciation for each instant of life the Divine Mother has granted us, with our inner unfolding.

Let us reverence life in all its manifestations without rejecting anything that is part of life itself.

Let us celebrate each instant of existence as a precious moment, as the gift of life. And let us celebrate with reverence the grace of sharing life with our companions on the road, who are all souls.

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