Full Moon Message 2010

Let us value the transcendent nature of the Work of Cafh in the world!

Let us experience the happiness of participating in a work that outlasts our lives and reaches far beyond what each one of us could accomplish.

Let us appreciate not only what we attain through our inner unfolding, but also how the process itself transforms us.

We are aware of the transcendent nature of the Work of Cafh in our lives and in the world. We are part of this Work of love because of our own free choice. We responded with our commitment to an inner awakening that widened the horizon of our possibilities and greatly expanded our personal perspective.

And with the means given to us, we expanded our consciousness, our interest and our vision of the world and of life.

Because of this great inner wealth, we feel it is our responsibility to return at least a portion of what we have received. We feel the responsibility of offering the fruits of our spiritual unfolding to a world which thirsts for values and clear answers, not just theories or speculations, but living ideas. This implies offering the spiritual strength stored in our hearts for the good of souls. It also implies contributing the peace and plenitude of a conscious and committed life, a life that is essentially free.

When this work becomes a priority in our lives, we give it a special meaning: it is a mission. We give even greater transcendence to our participation in the Work of Cafh when we do it with this attitude and intention. This mission, nourished by our vocation and responding to our consciousness, becomes a powerful force of love which transcends our personal sphere and transforms our willpower into a creative force.

Human beings need opportunities and hope. We need to know we can give a transcendent meaning to our existence. What we as Sons and Daughters can give is the living proof of what the method of Cafh can bring about in a life —in our lives. This makes us feel the urgency of focusing all our energy on fulfilling the objective of our existence: to unfold fully. And in this way we honor our lives and our participation in the Mystical Body of Cafh.

Yearning to live a profound life, full of meaning, is a great step; but living it every day produces results which far transcend us.

Let us embrace with renewed enthusiasm our participation in the Work of Cafh. The transcendent nature of its fundamental idea is based on the calling to assume the task of unfolding, which we each fulfill in our own soul. It is the utmost social work for our own good and the good of all human beings.

Our commitment is our full and voluntary participation in the realization of the Work of Cafh. We do it with well-informed freedom, and with love. This noble gesture frees us from attachment to our actions and allows us to explore the countless possibilities our path offers us to find a place—our place—within this marvelous Work of love.

Let us develop the universal thought that Cafh proposes through our own inner unfolding. The Message of Renouncement is the disinterested contribution that Cafh offers. Cafh offers this Message without imposing it or claiming it as the truth. This Message will certainly reach society, divided by pairs of opposites struggling to prevail, as a breath of hope.

Let us embrace our participation in the Work of Cafh as a reunion of souls integrating a mystical body and as individuals who each contribute our own unique perspectives. The transcendent nature of the fulfillment of our vocation is a seed planted with love in the heart of all souls.

As a mystical body united by the same objective, the same ideal, we join together our efforts, accompanying, understanding and encouraging one another, and transcending personal interests. In this way let us give life to a creative force that promotes the advancement of all human beings.

As individuals, let us open roads making an intelligent use of our free will, our energy and the tools that the asceticism and the mysticism of Cafh offer us. Let us deepen this work of opening roads with our growing sense of responsibility and freedom.

In today’s world, to give testimony to the intelligent use of our free will in order to unfold, to surmount obstacles—real and imaginary—to overcome the fear of knowing ourselves completely and freely, is like a balm of love which soothes the deep wounds of humanity.

When, in the midst of the widespread alienation produced by the stressful life of the present time, we reserve our energy out of love and use it positively, we transmit peace like a gentle breeze. Through this reserve of energy, we give strength to values by living them, we create trust and friendship in our surroundings; we give birth to new fields of possibilities, we give sound hope and faith in the possibilities of human beings.

The orderly and methodical work we fulfill in our lives through the ascetic mysticism of Cafh leads us to develop an intelligent and wise sense of non-possession. We understand how mistaken we would be if we were to become attached to an object, feeling, person or idea. At the same time, we acquire a notable sensitivity and perception of our surroundings. This deepens our sense of individual and social responsibility and results in our unfolding, both at an individual level and as a group.

The freedom to think, feel and act, based on a sense of responsibility developed by the expansion of our consciousness, opens up an immense field of possibilities for us as human beings. We no longer feel constrained by norms because we nurture deep inner values. These values are able to transform commitment into a way of life, far beyond mere norms to be followed.

How blessed we are to be able to collaborate in the Great Work through the small grain of sand each one of us can contribute!

The Divine Mother spoke to our hearts when she lit the flame of our vocation. We responded to her call, ready to commit ourselves and do the work we embraced. We could easily consider this attitude audacious were it not for the fact that faith and trust, as well as love for the divine, are deeply rooted in our hearts.

Let us transform the sensitive union with the Divine Mother which we experienced from the moment of our first contact with Cafh, into a bridge that leads us to our soul ́s union with Her. These moments of deep union of the soul, result of the continuous practice of the Asceticism of Renouncement, empower us to spiritually center ourselves within, giving life to the Mysticism of the Heart. Let us continue on our road, advancing towards a horizon which transcends us. Let us yearn with our whole being to reach permanent union with the Divine Mother. This Substantial Union with Her is our destiny, and it is the destiny of all souls.

© 2010 Cafh

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