Full Moon Message 2011

Seekers of Inner Liberation

Cafh is a road of inner liberation! Let us seek to be inwardly free and thus able to receive, uphold and advance the development of the idea of Renouncement that we have committed ourselves to living and expressing.

The world needs souls who are willing to live the idea of Renouncement and who will work to keep it current and to make the possibility of inner liberation real and effective.

This possibility is the heritage of all human beings.

Through our effort to unfold and our subsequent choices, we have been marking a course as individuals and as a Road. However,if we want this unfolding to be a sustained process, we must choose to live a life which will nourish it. Although we make this choice of life once, we renew it continuously with our daily choices. The strength behind these choices—and what enables us to stay on the path we have chosen—is an irrepressible love of inner liberation.

The yearning for freedom is inherent to the human being. And alongside this yearning is our desire to give meaning to our own life. What good would our freedom be if it did not lead us to where we want to go? We look for freedom in order to grow, explore, experience, discover and unfold; we seek to unfold all our possibilities so that we can go beyond what we envision now.

Human beings are intrinsically free to think, feel and act as they choose, but never before have so many human beings been able to choose between so many options, in so many areas, as is the case today. Nevertheless, it is evident that it is not the power to choose from many options that brings us plenitude but rather the ability to choose those options that will lead us to realize our ultimate aim.

Let us seek to be souls liberated from our inner limitations! This is what the world needs and what allows every soul to advance in her unfolding. For it is only by being inwardly free that we grow in harmony with the process of becoming. If we remain trapped by the past, we will very soon find ourselves weak, unmotivated and disappointed, with the feeling that we want to reach something which is beyond our possibilities.

As seekers of inner liberation, let us try to forge an opening through the multitude of ideas that drive humanity in so many different directions. These ideas generate powerful currents that often set us adrift, without us knowing their origin, who directs them and what intention or what guarantee of inner unfolding is behind them. Who directs these new tendencies? In whom can we place our trust?

We no longer live in a world of predictable changes, a familiar time and place that allowed us to adapt gradually. We are now caught up in a world of profound and dizzying changes. We feel compelled by forces that pull us in all directions, and we find neither the time nor the place to stop and think where we are going. And when we ask ourselves what is driving us or what we are after, the answers are often not very clear.

We have had the privilege of being actors and spectators at an historical moment in time when, in just a very few years, a great transformation in humanity has occurred. These rapid changes can destabilize us, but if we know how to live them, they can be a wonderful help in our process of detachment and offering. As Sons and Daughters, we govern our lives by the Law of Renouncement. The value of this law lies in the fact that, when it is accepted and lived, it enables human beings to transcend the personal and the limited and to access a world without constraints or boundaries.

Although our field of work embraces the totality of life, we can concretize it in certain aspects that help us to focus our search for inner liberation.

We need to free ourselves from the sense of possession and to be prepared to adapt immediately and spontaneously to any changes and conditions that may affect us. To do this we have to learn not to hold on to personal preferences, mental or emotional attachments, expectations and supports. Centering ourselves inwardly, focusing on our vocation, and committing to our offering give us the strength that grounds us. This allows us to live fully what life brings us and at the same time to have the freedom to let go of everything at any moment. The secret of nonpossession is to discover and recognize that the richness of what we attain is not principally found in the results of what we get from our efforts but in the offering of ourselves through that effort. Once we understand this, no material, intellectual or spiritual good has a hold on us. What is important is that we gave of ourselves, and what was transformed in us through the process that we lived. And besides, if we were to remain attached to results, in time these will become obsolete and trap us in the past.

We need to free ourselves from the fear born of uncertainty. To be able to unfold, we need to have trust in ourselves, in our own worth as seekers of inner liberation. This is what allows us to go forward with audacity and determination in pursuit of a mission that transcends us. Uncertainty generates fears that make us see the world as a threat. Our strength is eroded by creating defenses in the face of possible and foreboding dangers. It is by consolidating all our efforts in the task of making ourselves what we want to become that we make ourselves stronger and, little by little, able to dissipate our fears and generate inner peace.

We need to free ourselves from wanting to be like those we idealize. When we strive to achieve what others have done, we do not discover our own potential. Not only that, but comparison and competition keeps us from the road that leads to egoence, the true individuality that is only found by searching in our interior for the essential values that we have to nourish and make grow. Let us avoid wanting to be the center of attention, the one who stands out, the one everyone admires. It is easy to be trapped by the enjoyment of flattery, but it is not so easy to maintain equanimity and not to let ourselves be seduced.

The arrogance of wanting to demonstrate that one knows everything, can do everything, or at least knows and can do more than others, prevents us from seeing the reality of our inescapable interdependence. Being disconnected from the whole would never lead us to realize our full potential. Neither would our life make sense. Any place that one might desire to occupy in this world is unstable. Any circumstance or even the predictable becoming of life can bring about its demise. To stop looking for a prominent place allows us to be free. We stop fluctuating between the extremes of success and failure and we begin to live with serenity and inner peace.

The fruit of spiritual life is inner liberation. May the Divine Mother grant us the grace of keeping alive within ourselves the spirit of the seeker so that we, attentive and alert to the real meaning of existence, may be completely free to live and express the idea of Renouncement.

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