Full Moon Message 2012

The Golden Temple

Let us revitalize our bond with the very source of our vocation! Let us return again and again to the Golden Temple residing in our heart, to the rhythmic heartbeat, to silence, to simplicity.

To revitalize the bond with the vocation means asking myself what the commitment to unfold spiritually means to me. It is to answer honestly the question: How much of my life am I willing to commit to achieve this unfolding? It is to know why I chose this path and what meaning it has for me to make this effort. It is to realize that everything I do needs to be directed towards meeting that goal. It is to verify how united my will is to the purpose of my existence.

The first commitment we assume is with ourselves: “To cultivate the habit of silence which leads me to know myself and expand my love.” I make evident the fact that I want to know myself by striving to have an attitude of humility and gratitude, discretion and empathy when I relate to souls. I make evident the expansion of my love through a careful and attentive way of acting, ever ready to provide friendship, support and collaboration to those closest to me, and then to expand this first effort in ever broader, more inclusive ways.

The second commitment we assume is with Cafh. I make this evident by my identification with its ideas; by making them my own and by expressing myself through them, deepening into their meaning and working for them. The third commitment we assume is with society. I make this evident by forgetting myself and by what I choose to do and prioritize, without letting any circumstances stand in my way of offering.

Cafh calls us to free ourselves, to be free souls. As paradoxical as it might seem, instead of limiting us, every commitment sets us free, because it leads us to adjust our lives to what we really want to become. It calls us to leave behind whatever is not necessary and to cast ourselves into the depths of the unfathomable love of the Divine Mother.

Let us seek inner immobility, peace of mind, that stillness that allows us to contemplate our lives as a whole; let us seek to understand, to participate and to choose wisely every step, from the depths of our being.

The Mysticism of the Heart teaches us to harmonize our inner stillness with productive external activity, making work fruitful, useful and efficient. This duality is expressed through the ideas of Presence and Participation.

Presence is achieved when we no longer jump from one objective to another and we center ourselves interiorly on a single transcendent objective: the fulfillment of our vocation to become a soul united in substantial union with the Divine Mother. Participation enables us to overcome the danger of being focused on ourselves, making us aware that we are in everything and everyone.

The apparent contradiction of living simultaneously in Presence and in Participation is resolved through Reversibility which keeps us from continually dispersing our energy, centering us instead on the single idea of offering ourselves without expecting anything in return. Reversibility gives us the flexibility to participate with all souls, in all the events of life and the world, without being so caught up in activity that we lose sight of our vocation. In order to attain this state of simplicity, which will lead us to live in Presence and Participation, to be a source of peace and to transmit it, let us make good use of the means Cafh gives us in the Method.

Let us make good use of prayer, which leads us to be humble by recognizing that there is something beyond us; and to develop faith in the possibilities of human beings by working on ourselves without relying on the need to see results.

Let us make good use of the elevation of thought and the invocation of the divine, which reminds us of where we are going, making us aware of our destiny and our reason for being.

Let us make good use of the practice of meditation, which teaches us to relate to the transcendent and which moves us to unfold.

Let us make good use of the habit of reflecting, which allows us to pause long enough to discern clearly and thus profit from the lessons that life offers us.

Let us make good use of the exercise of stopping, which leads us to develop patience and understanding, making us masters of the present, of our impulses and passions.

Let us seek edifying reading, which inspires and nurtures the best in us.

Let us habitually practice the contrary act, which leads us to transcend our tastes and inclinations so as to meet real needs and to unite with all souls without distinction.

Let us revitalize the bond with our vocation, with the brightest moment of our existence, so that its power will lead us to leap forward in our unfolding, for the good of our soul and of all souls.

Let us seek with all our being to enter a new realm of possibilities. Let us open this door without fear of losing that comfort that makes us lethargic, that security that is no more than an illusion, that place which we occupy today but tomorrow will have to leave.

Let us seek the inner temple where we can remain in loving worship at the feet of the Divine Mother, before the mystery of life and death. Let us seek peace, light, the right measure of all things. Let us radiate joy, serenity, love.

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