Full Moon Assembly 2016

Let’s give wings to our spiritual unfolding. It is spiritual unfolding which removes the veils of illusion and allows us to decipher with certainty the very essence of our being. This is the mission that we want, can and must carry out, not because we "ought to" but because of a commitment of love that we have chosen and embraced.

We tend to say “I am” instead of saying “I am being” which implies a state of permanent change. We're not a finished product. Simply by being alive, we are permanently leaving something and at the same time taking in something. The simple observation of our own body enables us to see that, while we lose cells, we are generating new ones.

A transformation takes place through change. The process of inner liberation in which we are immersed means living in continuous transformation. Becoming aware of this reality allows us to gather the strength we need to avoid resisting the changes that life asks of us. To resist change would be contrary to the law of life, to our possibility of being free souls and to the call of Substantial Union with the Divine Mother.

Let’s sustain in our hearts that process of continuous inner transformation that quickly adapts to the changes that life demands. To give continuity to this process of spiritual unfolding, we must not cease in our efforts to change the positions we have taken before life. It is necessary to replace old habits, ways of thinking, proceeding and responding with attitudes that reflect our choice of offering, forgetting of ourselves, and placing the good of all above our conveniences or personal likes. It is around these attitudes that our choices need to gravitate.

It is not a matter of making a change for the sake of change itself, but making a change to accompany the becoming of life. This change must respond to a possibility of improvement, be it in a process or in an attitude, and its result must point to a higher degree of inclusion and participation. Let’s work tirelessly so the overwhelming power of love for our inner unfolding may allow us to overcome all obstacles and the fear of leaving behind the supports that limit us. In this way, the yearning for inner freedom can emerge as the sole support of our soul inevitably leading us to union with the Divine Mother.

If we listen to our vocation we can unfold in peace and harmony, living in peace and harmony with ourselves, with our fellow companions on the road, in our home, in our community, in our work, among the peoples of the Earth. To attain this let’s strengthen our determination to prioritize transcendent values, those that lead us to be honest, humble, to understand, to love. If we seek the light so as to leave the dark world of ignorance, confusion and confrontation, we will have the inner strength to illumine not only our path but also that of others.

Consciousness and will are the two forces we have to unfold the Mysticism of the Heart and to expand our love. Consciousness allows us to continuously expand our boundaries, always driving us beyond where we are. Will leads us to fulfill our dreams, to take each concrete step, to live fully in the present. These are the foundations on which all our possibilities for unfolding are based. We can see that, in spite of our limitations, we have the strength of vocation that allows us to overcome hopelessness when we recognize that our state of consciousness is not usually as inclusive as we would like. Even the fact that in everyday life we generally have little awareness of the life of the universe, of all souls and even of the consequences of some of our actions doesn’t hold us back. It is the strength of vocation which guides us and encourages us to overcome ourselves when our will weakens and it is difficult to fulfill our objectives. It is the strength of vocation which allows us to reach the sincere and humble acknowledgement of where we stand, and this is what enables us to carry out a real work of unfolding. Our commitment of love is to unfold, so all we need is to make the effort one more time. It is not the same to have tried a hundred times as to have tried a hundred and one times. Any time is the time to live our offering, the forgetting of ourselves. The Divine Mother has given us the grace to change at every moment. We don’t know when we will be able to overcome the inertia or the weight of a limitation or habit and then free ourselves and transcend it. Hence the importance to further emphasize our determination to continue on the path we have chosen, to overcome the human tendency to become discouraged and give up just precisely when, with a little effort, we could have reached our goal. In terms of consciousness, we have the daring aspiration of attaining substantial union with cosmic consciousness. Although we all are participating in cosmic consciousness, much of the time we are not aware of that fact. It's like being in a house but not realizing we are in it. Little by little we begin to perceive the effect we produce. After each one of us has acted, the whole is no longer the same. The degree of our participation is measured by the consciousness we have of how we affect the whole and of the effect that we produce in that whole.

We understand that to advance in our unfolding we need to stop relying on illusory supports that hinder our efforts to unfold. By drawing aside this veil, nothing can stop the momentum of our vocation, not even the material or relational circumstances that touch our lives, because we understand that we ourselves set our limits and we ourselves overcome them. No one can take away our possibility of having a new vision of love and life and no one can take from us the deep understanding of being the masters of our dreams of love and of our will to fulfill them in this life. We feel the freedom of owning every moment, of not remaining prisoners of a way of being that originated at another time, in a particular and passing circumstance. By becoming fully responsible for our life, the load lightens because we take the reins of our destiny when we decide with consciousness and responsibility. When we don’t make this leap of fully owning the decisions we make in our lives, we postpone the fulfillment of our destiny. We remain nothing more than observers of the possibilities we could have reached. It is like reading the same page of a book without ever turning the page to see what happens next. We have seen that, when we renew the spiritual unfolding of our soul, it keeps us active, vibrant, full of energy and strength. We have also seen some factors that limit our unfolding. One is the lack of effort that keeps us in a comfort zone, causing us to avoid responding to life and to all that this implies. Another factor is the attempt to fossilize life, holding fixed ideas, so that everything remains the same and we can avoid the uncertainty of change. A third limiting factor is seeking to be someone, wanting others to give us a place, rather than occupying the only place that is truly ours: that of fulfilling our vocation. This means giving what one has to give of oneself, without the need for any special circumstances to do so. Let us overcome these limits fully so we can launch ourselves toward the fulfillment of our destiny without fear and with determination.

A deep inner fulfillment invades our soul when we are aware that we harbor the Divine Mother in our hearts. This awareness is what imprints determination on our will so we are able to work tirelessly for our unfolding and that of all souls.

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