Cafh is a path of spiritual unfolding

Cafh is a Path of spiritual unfolding. Our mission is to facilitate the development of each member´s best possibilities with love, to generate a transforming effect in each one and a positive impact on humankind and on the earth. 

Cafh offers a practical method to carry out inside ourselves what we want to see outside

Cafh offers a method of life and a teaching, suitable to the characteristics and living condition of particular lives.

To acquire an in-depth knowledge of these tools, we meet regularly in small groups, practice exercises, study and share ideas that can be applied in everyday life.

We search for inner freedom a through the knowledge of ourselves and the conscious participation with all human beings, the world, life.

Ultimately, we search for the union with the Divine, by means of the practice of renouncement and a method of life.

In this section you can find Messages from Cafh´s Director.
The history of Cafh, as we know it today, begins when Santiago Bovisio –Don Santiago—, an Italian immigrant, arrives at Argentina and begins his tireless spiritual work. During his first 10 years in Argentina, Don Santiago worked in order to spread his vision of spiritual life.
As members of Cafh, we consider that unfolding spiritually is our fundamental task and that, through our spiritual unfolding, we can get to know ourselves and to understand our relationship with life, the world and the divine..
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