Annual Mission

Every year the members of Cafh receive an Annual Mission. This allows us to do a concrete job for the good of all people in a daily basis, as an effective and direct way to collaborate with harmony and peace in the world.

“We are going through a deep crisis in Humankind. The pandemic does not seem to have steered Humankind, to any significant degree, towards working more collaboratively to respond to the health, social, economic and environmental problems that afflict the planet.

Thus, our contribution as workers in the field of consciousness is of vital importance. We are cells in the body of Humankind.

Developing the skills that allow us to live together, with respect and in diversity, is a real contribution to the state of global consciousness.

Let’s develop our perception. Let’s imagine we are like an antenna that captures the whole environment without judgment, without personal interest, without desires. The antenna receives only the information that is out there.

Let’s take a few moments in the day to try to quiet our chatter and keep silent in order to perceive what is happening in ourselves (in our body, our emotions, our thoughts) and in our surroundings (in people, groups and the environment).

In this way, we’ll be able to grasp the present moment in depth, putting aside our rationalizations, prejudices and desires.

This gives us the possibility of finding better answers and bonding with one another at a deeper level, a level where we can recognize ourselves as a part of the whole.”.

Ana Cristina Flor
March 2021


We are a path of freedom. Are we free?

How far apart are our idealized picture of spiritual life and our real life? Our ideal is a lighthouse that shows us the horizon we are walking towards.

But, where are we?

Let us look at our present, let us look at ourselves. Who are we? What are we really doing with our life? Where are our thoughts? What kind of environment do our feelings generate? What are our beliefs? What are we taking from life and what are we actually giving of ourselves?

This is the real field in which we move. Whatever we idealize about spiritual life doesn’t matter. Let us ask ourselves these questions and connect with what is most vital and real in our being.

Let us leave behind theories and connect with our humanity.

We are human beings, with all the marvellous complexity that this implies: a microcosm. Vulnerable, fragile, changeable, but at the same time, possessing an unknown potential.

Let us explore our freedom in this field: in the present, in what is real in us. Let us fully embrace what we are, and let us work from there, without expectations, without idealizing anything.

An ideal and an expectation are not the same thing.

The ideal illuminates our present, traces out the path, confers strength and meaning.

Expectations carry us away from the present towards a fantasy which ensnares us and is rarely fulfilled.

Connected to our own humanity, we connect to other human beings. We understand their struggles, their tendency to go back and forth, their sorrows.

We find the freedom we need to listen deeply, to explore the terrain we share, to work together.

Let us work together, taking into account complexity. Let us take for granted the complexity inherent in any system where there are human beings, where there is life. The infinite nuances of reality.

Let us open ourselves to the unknown.

When we do not look for security, when we don’t long to be right, when we don’t seek to have all the answers, when we don’t ensnare ourselves in idealization, when we fully accept reality and take responsibility for facing it, we savour our freedom.

Our freedom is interior. It depends on us alone and on our capacity to be responsible for it.

Our capacity to make ourselves responsible is the other face of freedom.

Freedom and responsibility are our key to learning.

This binomial freedom-responsibility is the most genuine expression of the Law of Renunciation.

Are we free? Are we responsible?

Let us leave aside theories. Let us return to the source. Let us work from what is real.
Let us give testimony. This is our task. Humanity needs this step.

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